To overcome the ignorance and/or the incorrect conditioning of certain traditions and religions, it is necessary for every human being in love, freedom, creativity, and at the same time, through observation and knowledge must understand their own relationship with the cosmos, with the environment in which they live, and with all other beings which are "different" but which have an equal natural right to life. Every human being must also have the possibility of thinking, of being enlightened about the ethology and the psychology of humans and non-humans in order to live with the "other". To also be able to experience love, art in all its forms, to be able to respect and care for themselves, and to enjoy non-violent foodstuffs, the primary prevention of disease and illness.


Destroying the environment and pollution lead to the genocide of all living things and the end of the planet. 


Anthropocentric ethics results in a biocentric and cosmocentric ethic. Empathy and respect concern not only our species, but all species, all races, and every individual, creating unity from diversity.


Given the serious situation of the world:

 - overpopulation

 - energy problems

 - wars and political tensions

 - the poisoning of the air, water, and soil

 - surplus industrial production and a decrease in consumers

 - a gap between great wealth and the poverty of many

 - the domination of markets;

positive resolutions would seem to be:

 - the containment of global population growth

 - an equitable distribution of world resources and a stop to the theft of land from hungry countries

 - the development of a widely distributed renewable energy source

 - ethically and ecologically sustainable production methods (less machines and more biological agriculture)

 - new jobs: agriculture, handicraft, digital

 - the gradual elimination of animal proteins (which demand too much land, energy, water, grain, and the suffering and death of animals) and their substitution with the cultivation of vegetable proteins, grains and fruit-bearing trees. 


That which we see happening in the world today, from the violence against children, women, the elderly, the enslavement of the weak, massacres and wars, to the torture and killing of animals (for food, research, hunting, sports, games, events, rituals, hides, furs, etc.) has been used the reason for power lying in the hands of the strongest by millenniums of anthropocentric male chauvinism. 


Even today, many individuals and governments see war as a necessity, instead of as a producer of cannon fodder and hunger.


The abolition of all forms of violence requires, in addition to a comprehensive education/knowledge, an accord between all countries and monitoring by an international body, while the representatives of the Agenda of Planet Earth would be the guarantors and controllers of respect for the global convention for peace and prosperity.